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released July 15, 2013

Music/lyrics by Courtenay Green
Recorded, produced & mixed by Courtenay Green

Drum programming, bass, keys, guitar: Courtenay Green
Vocals on 1, 3, 5: Laura Mace
Vocals on 2, 4: Courtenay Green
Guitars on 1, 3, 5: Greg Pajer



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CG Country Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: You Missed the Bus
Verse 1
In a different time you cast a line
And boy was I hooked
'Til you threw me back overboard
Then you heard that I found a guy
As good as you looked
And you've been crawling straight to my door

You burned right through me, again and again
I know you want me now, why didn't you want me then?

You missed the bus
Then you got on the bandwagon
I'm moving up
And now you want to move back in
Too late, I shut the gate
Ain't nothing to discuss
You missed the bus

Verse 2
You saw me doing well, said can't you tell
I'm down on my knees
And swear you'll change whatever the cost
Back when you were here you'd drink your beer
And do as you pleased
I guess you only love when you've lost



In a different time, I didn't mind
That I gave and you took
But I'm long gone…

Track Name: Gettin' Ugly
Verse 1
Well he's sittin' in the bar 'round a quarter of ten
Just waiting to catch your eye
He's a tall drink of water, you're short a man
And wham bam you're hypnotized
He cleans up awful nice, but think twice
'Cause he's not quite what he seems

Verse 2
He may grin like a twin of the Marlboro Man
And his abs may have you thrown
But he'll use his looks to get you hooked
And there's ten "You's" this week alone

So dive below skin deep
'Cause underneath you'll see…

It's getting UGLY
Those pretty eyes disguise a snake
Turn him inside out, and watch your mirror break
So trust me
That man is selling you a fake
He got the face of an angel sent from above
And a heart that only a mother could love…

Verse 3
He's got leaving, lying and two-timing
All under his crocodile belt
But he'll bend laws
With that chiseled jaw
And arms that make you melt

Pre 2
So look into his mind
'Cause once you're there you'll find…


Mama told you not to judge a book by its cover
So do yourself some reading now, and maybe you'll discover
All the UGLY

CHORUS 2x (modified 2nd time: “Those pretty eyes disguise a rake, he’s ugly, he’s a walking talking mistake, so trust me, he’s the kind of cold you just can’t shake...”)
Track Name: More Than a History
Verse 1
These days, it's hard to guess
While looking back at our picture of happiness
Why we both walked out of frame
So much has changed
Our lived rearranged
But the way I feel about you stays the same

Now I wonder where you are
And if you're wishing on my star
'Cause I just...I just want to tell you

Here I am, waiting for you where we left off
Here I am, praying that the dust is swept off
The love we had...and you'll be more than just a mystery
Here I am, hoping that we'll meet again and
I'm gonna stick around 'til we can write our happy ending
Cause this much I know: we've got more than just a history

Verse 2
When I think of August nights
Old cars, sand bars and mosquito bites
I can almost reach the past
We didn't know we had everything
But now I'd give anything
To be in your arms at last

Pre 2
And I wonder where you are
Can you hear me from afar?
Cause I just...I've just got to tell you


Even though you're gone
You've always been the only one
I know we can't undo what's done
But we can start again, it's not too late...

Here I am, I'm waiting for you
Here I am, we're gonna meet again
Here I am, ‘cause this much I know: we've got more than just a history
Track Name: None Of You At All
Verse 1
You come a knockin’ when
You’re in the mood again
You say you love me but you love to leave me
Always in the dark
Always waiting for you
Now I see
That I can be yours but you can’t be mine
Well I can’t afford to be wasting time
With plans that’ll always fall through
So listen up…

I want all of you
I don’t want just some of you
I know that I have fun with you
When you decide to call
But I don’t have all of you
So understand my point of view
When I say I want
None of you at all

Verse 2
You need to see me soon
We’ll grab a corner booth
But when you’ve got someone else on the table
It’s kind of hard to be
Just a party of two
One of these days
Maybe you’ll learn how to use your voice
Work up the nerve to make a choice
But until you do
I’m giving up…


I don’t care about what you’ve told me
And I don’t care if you’re feeling lonely
I don’t care ‘cause someone’s holding
You while I’m not there